MDN Reference

The UI Analysis feature goal is to enhance learning by displaying a list of HTML tags and CSS properties for each challenge. Integrated with the MDN reference, it offers direct access to implementation details, facilitating a better understanding and application of HTML and CSS. Furthermore, the Divize MDN Guide pages serve as a centralized resource, allowing you to conveniently search and find references to HTML tags and CSS properties all in one location.

How to Use the UI Analysis Feature

  • Locate the HTML logo or CSS logo button next to the instructions tab.
  • Click on the button to reveal a list of HTML tags or CSS properties.
  • Choose the HTML tag or CSS property you’re interested in, which will open a short description containing a reference link.

Divize HTML/CSS MDN Reference

  • Click on the reference link to visit its reference page with detailed implementation information from MDN.

Divize HTML/CSS MDN Reference


The UI Analysis feature, along with our comprehensive Guide feature and pages, aims to create a centralized resource for HTML tags and CSS properties. This allows you to easily refer back to correct implementations when you’re stuck on a challenge, ensuring more effective learning and HTML/CSS skill-building.