Emmet Support

Divize Editor HTML Emmet Support

The Emmet integration is a powerful feature that allows you to create HTML and CSS code more efficiently using short expressions. This enhancement promotes a DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) approach and reduces repetition, resulting in an improved user experience.

How Does Emmet Work in the Divize Editor?

Emmet is a powerful and widely-used toolkit that allows developers to generate and manipulate HTML code with a variety of expressions. These expressions can be used to perform a range of operations on HTML code, including creating new elements, nesting them within other elements, adding attributes to elements, and more:

{} adding text
[] adding attribute
> child element
^ up one element
* multiplication
$ automatic numbering
+ sibling
() grouping
. add class
# add ID

With these expressions, you can quickly generate HTML structures and improve your workflow while progressing through challenges.

A Simple Example of Using Emmet in our Editor

Consider this Emmet code, which generates a basic HTML structure with a main section, a header, a section for the main content, and a footer with a span tag.


The generated HTML code will look like this:

<main class="container">

With Emmet integrated into Divize Editor, you can significantly speed up your coding process while reducing repetition.


In conclusion, the integration of Emmet in the Divize editor offers you a more efficient and straightforward coding experience. By using Emmet’s intuitive expressions, you can effortlessly create complex HTML structures while reducing repetition. This enhancement allows you to focus on conquering challenges and sharpening your HTML skills.