Account Basics

I need to change my email address

As you've signed up with your Github account, the option to change your email is not available in Divize. If you'd like to change your email address, please do it from your Github Account.

I'd like to edit my name

You can edit your name in your account settings:

  1. Sign in at Divize and navigate to the Account Settings > General Informations
  2. Enter your preferred Name and click Save Changes.

I need to change my password

There's no option to change your password within the app. It'll have to be done directly in Github.

I'd like to update my payment information

If you have an active subscription, and you need to change your billing information, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Profile > Settings > Payment section of your account
  2. Click on Go to Billing Portal, where you will be redirected to the Stripe Portal
  3. From the Payment Method Section, Add a New Card and Make it the default one for automatic payments
  4. You can then delete the old card if you want from the Stripe page too!

Delete your account

Deleting your account will remove all your personal information from Divize, including all challenge progressions that you passed from the Divize Code Editor. This action cannot be undone.

If you would like to delete your Divize account, see the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Divize account
  2. From your profile Settings Click on the Danger Zone
  3. On the page that opens next, click the Delete button

How do I sign up?

GitHub Is The Only Sign-Up Option, to join:

  1. Be sure to have an account on Github.
  2. Then click the login with Github button to sign in.

We'll grab a few details from your Github Profile to help you get started.